Anywhere Connect 3G/4G

Remote Worker 3G and 4G SIM Cards Solutions

Global Asset Support’s Anywhere Connect is an innovative new way of enabling remote workers to access corporate networks and applications in a safe, secure and controlled manner. For customers, Anywhere Connect is a tool that can help you to drive flexibility within your organisation and to save costs while providing a level of reliability that cannot be matched.

Anywhere Connect SIM cards are designed for customers who need flexibility. With month to month contract options and the ability to cap data usage either globally or by individual SIM, cost savings can be realised by solely paying for the data that you use.

Key Features

Global Asset Support is one of very few companies to be able to offer this functionality to customers and because we do not cache data and does not contend or rate-shape traffic going to and from the Internet other than that requested by the customer, users can expect better 3G performance than with traditional network operators.

  • The ability to access corporate networks without traversing the Internet;
  • Up to 50% cheaper than standard SIM monthly rental costs;
  • Guaranteed security;
  • Corporately controlled Internet access if required without the need for complex VPN setup;
  • Private IP addresses or Static public IP addresses;
  • Customer-defined data caching or content filtering – nothing more;
  • Simple, itemised billing.

Customer and Technical Support Centre

At the heart of our operation is our Customer and Technical Support Centre. This operates 24/7 always staffed by our support team, thus ensuring that what ever time of the day or night your staff will always be able to speak to a healthcare professional who can discuss and resolve any issues. Also at the centre is our first line repair and loan service.

We will be pleased to provide references or arrange site visits to demonstrate our services.

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