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Introducing HYDRA

Hydra dialler by Global Asset is a predictive dialler platform designed to boost your company’s productivity by maximising staff performance.

Designed with call centre and outbound call operations in mind, Hydra increases the productivity of your agents by removing unproductive calls such as no answers, busy tones, dead numbers and answer machines, ultimately providing your staff with three times as many opportunities to talk to customers and sell your products / services!

Simply load up your data and watch your agents go to work. With little or no down time it’s easy to why productivity increases of 300%+ can be achieved in no time at all.

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Hydra is a highly adaptable solution which can be tailored to your existing contact and business strategies. Hydra can be configured for your exact business needs, not those of businesses like yours.

Hydra can map your existing call centre processes and deliver a solution perfect for your business.

Advantages to the Hydra Dialler System

• Automatically screen out invalid calls
• Minimise dropped calls
• Easily manage and view agent’s performance
• Increased per agent productivity by 300–400%
• Customisable and targeted campaigns

• Increase profits
• GUI for instant identification of productivity and performance
• Up to 95% reduction in call costs (SIP compared to ISDN)
• Call recording
• Support, training and compliance

Customer and Technical Support Centre

At the heart of our operation is our Customer and Technical Support Centre. This operates 24/7 always staffed by our support team, thus ensuring that what ever time of the day or night your staff will always be able to speak to a healthcare professional who can discuss and resolve any issues. Also at the centre is our first line repair and loan service.

We will be pleased to provide references or arrange site visits to demonstrate our services.

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