Hosted Solutions

Offsite Backup

Global Asset offers many different ways to keep your data safe, we have different offerings which offer maximum protection at cost effective prices.

Traditional tape backup systems are difficult to manage, slow to operate, prone to failure and require manual intervention. They need to be taken off-site to ensure complete safety in the event of a disaster and can deteriorate over time; often with you only discovering any problems when you need to restore your data.

Don’t worry we take away the pressure and deal direct with your current software partners and third parties and work on behalf of you, making sure you kept up to date every step of the way.

Our offsite backup range can cover everything from individual PC’s/Laptops right thru to enterprise class backup with different retention levels and failovers.

Hosted Exchange

Email is at the heart of all business communications. With rising email security threats, small to medium sized business owners need to face up to the risks email represents, as well as the potential impacts this could have upon their operations.
GAS Hosted Exchange provides your business with reliable mailbox access hosted on our infrastructure. You get the peace of mind that your email hosting system is always secure, backed up and available with reliable high performance.

Office 365

Office 365 is an integral part of Microsoft’s Online Services strategy and is central to its long-term goal to bring world class collaboration tools to all organisations, regardless of size, geography or business complexity.

It brings together Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft Lync in an integrated, always available cloud service. More importantly, it is available for a predictable monthly fee and without the need for upfront capital expenditure.

At Global Asset Support we take the time to understand your business requirements before suggesting a solution and we always ensure that the final product meets the criteria agreed at the outset. As with any IT solution, there are many ways to deliver Office 365 and we can help you find the right path.

If you are new to the cloud, or are wondering how it could help your business, talk to us about how to get the most from the technology.


Virtualisation lets one server do the job of multiple computers, by sharing the resources of a single computer across multiple environments.

Installing traditional physical servers would typically require a separate server for each server role. By utilising virtual server technology (Microsoft’s HyperV or VMWare, for example), the number of physical servers can be greatly reduced as virtual servers are consolidated on to fewer incidences of physical hardware. Virtualising servers will result in improved resource utilisation as well as reductions in real estate, power and cooling requirements. In addition to energy saving and lower capital expenses due to more efficient use of hardware resources, virtualisation provides high availability of resources, increased security, and improved disaster recovery processes.

A virtualised platform is highly scalable, meaning that adding additional virtual servers as your company grows does not incur the same project, labour or capital costs as adding additional physical servers. In addition, organisations that deploy a virtualised environment will also reduce their energy consumption (and thereby reduce their carbon footprint) and improve the effectiveness of their disaster recovery plan.

Dedicated Servers

Do you have an application that needs more than a Virtual Server can provide? Do you just prefer to know that your server is running on dedicated hardware built to your specification? Global Asset Support can provide Dedicated Servers at our Manchester based data centre with a 99.99% SLA. You tell us what you would like and we will install it in our data centre with the OS of your choice and provide full remote access details. Should anything go wrong with your server and you need some physical presence we have remote hands engineers available 24/7/365 to help you. Contact us today with your requirements.

Domain & Web Hosting

All our hosting packages are fully managed and fully secure. Our hosting services provide an easy to use control panel for managing your websites and email, all backed up with our 99.99% Uptime guarantee


If you have recently made a considerable investment in updating your on-premise IT system but would like to take advantage of the benefits offered by cloud computing, you should consider colocation. With this option we design and build a private cloud that makes use of your prior investment and delivers its functionality back to your users as a service. This option is often referred to as a ‘Private Cloud’.

Customer and Technical Support Centre

At the heart of our operation is our Customer and Technical Support Centre. This operates 24/7 always staffed by our support team, thus ensuring that what ever time of the day or night your staff will always be able to speak to a healthcare professional who can discuss and resolve any issues. Also at the centre is our first line repair and loan service.

We will be pleased to provide references or arrange site visits to demonstrate our services.

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