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Network Infrastructure

Global Asset Support works in close partnership with clients to design an IT infrastructure that is specific to their organisation and their evolving needs.

Whether you are setting up a new IT infrastructure, replacing an ageing network or expanding network capacity, you can rely on Global Asset to provide the design and delivery skills required to partner you from initial briefing through to final handover.

We have experience of installing and managing literally hundreds of differently configured IT environments for a wide range of clients in different sectors, and at different stages of business maturity. Above all, we understand that there is a balance to be struck between leveraging investment in existing infrastructure and new investment in an optimal solution.

Our focus is on the creation of a robust, scalable, flexible environment upon which business applications and solutions can be built cost effectively. The right network will neatly mirror your business and its operational requirements. The right solution is as individual as your business and your brand. Defining, designing and delivering such individualised solutions are a core Global Asset skill.


IT security has never been as important as it is today. With hacking tools now widely available, businesses need to take every precaution to protect themselves from external as well as internal threats.

Global Asset is an IT partner that you can trust to deal with such crucial concerns on your behalf. We have over ten years’ experience of defining and implementing IT security policies, and are familiar with the types of security issues faced by small and medium-sized businesses.

Specifying security solutions and policies requires expert input. As systems become increasingly interconnected, there are more potential threats to IT networks and critical business data. The irony is that as we provide better access for employees (to work remotely; for example), we also create the need for more sophisticated security solutions, systems and policies.

In parallel, it is getting easier for employees to copy and remove sensitive data – online or via simple USB drives and similar, highly portable media. Our in-depth experience ensures that we understand the evolving nature of such threats, and – more importantly – that we understand how best to protect clients from new threats as they arise.

Disaster Recovery

Whether constructing a day to day backup policy, a business continuity plan or a business wide disaster recovery plan, we first analyse your business ahead of delivering a bespoke technical solution.

To ensure that your business can deal with the unforeseen, it is crucial to ensure that key data is being properly managed and secured. Traditional solutions, involving tape or data mirroring across multiple sites are available can be utilised where possible.

Backing up critical data is a key component of any disaster recovery plan. In the event of a fire, a flood or some other unforeseen event, you’ll need to know – in advance – that you can still access up to date information as soon as possible.

Global Asset Support’s team of advisers helps clients to plan comprehensively for such possibilities.

We review your network architecture, the applications you are running, and your user activity to ensure that plans are in place to replicate what is required to keep your business running, should the worst happen.

Web Content Filtering

As an employer you have concerns about productivity, copyrights, trade secrets, improper internet usage and protection of data in connection with electronic communications. Global Asset Support can provide you with a Web Content Filter that addresses all these concerns. The filter can be tailored to your specific requirements. Do you want all your managers to have full internet access but all your sales advisors to be limited to only an approved list of sites? Would you like to be able to block all streaming video sites? Would you like to stop your employees from downloading potentially harmful files?

All of the above is simple with the Global Asset Support Web Content Filter.

Other features include the ability to design a custom block page branded with your company logo and message and full reporting tools so you know who is being blocked and when.

Remote Worker Solutions

If you wish to extend your Network beyond the office, whilst ensuring optimal network security, then leave it to Global Asset Support.

In this day and age travelling to work can be a job on its own, with Global Asset Support remote worker solutions it is easier than ever for your workforce to work from remote locations, or from home, as effectively as if they were at their desk.

With our help, your team could be working effectively and productively, regardless of their location. Whether they require access to voice services, e-mail, their office desktop or your company extranet, we can design solutions that are cost effective, secure and reliable.

Customer and Technical Support Centre

At the heart of our operation is our Customer and Technical Support Centre. This operates 24/7 always staffed by our support team, thus ensuring that what ever time of the day or night your staff will always be able to speak to a healthcare professional who can discuss and resolve any issues. Also at the centre is our first line repair and loan service.

We will be pleased to provide references or arrange site visits to demonstrate our services.

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